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January 2, 2023

Discouraging Talk That Online Casino Players No Longer Want to Hear

Ethan Lim
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Many people will try to discourage you from playing online casino games. But to be honest, not everyone is a fan of online gambling. Don’t pay heed to some of the discouraging talks in this article, because professional gamblers act on facts, not mere fiction and propaganda. So, this article lists some common statements that online casino players no longer find meaningful. 

Discouraging Talk That Online Casino Players No Longer Want to Hear

Online Casinos Rig Game Results

You’ve probably heard this statement a million times already. But this statement is from active gamblers who don’t know how to make the right gambling choices. The fact is that online casino games cannot be rigged because these games use RNG (Random Number Generator) systems to produce billions of random results. Also, games on the best online casino sites are often tested for fairness by independent entities like Gaming Associates, eCOGRA, and iTech Labs. It’s all noise!

Online Gambling is Wasting Money

There are millions of ways to waste money, and online gambling doesn’t even rank among the top 100. You’ll find someone who blows half their salary on beer and partying, advising you to stop placing a $0.10 bet on slot machines or table games. The bottom line is that playing online casino games is about fun. You only need to do so using a gambling bankroll. It’s more like someone who likes playing golf or tennis during their free time. 

Cryptocurrency Gambling is the Future

Thousands of blogs and financial experts claim that cryptocurrencies are the future of transactions. But while the benefits of using digital coins cannot be understated, the drawbacks could outweigh the advantages. Bitcoin, which was flying high in 2021, trading at around $60,000 per BTC, now has a market value of $16,103. That’s a huge loss for anyone who invested in BTC back then. BTC is a good case of the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. 

Bonuses Are Free Money

Bonuses give players a chance to play the games without risking real money. But intelligent bettors know that these bonuses come with strings attached. Almost all online casino bonuses and promotions have wagering requirements. For instance, a $100 bonus can have a 20x playthrough requirement. This means bettors must play with at least $2,000 to withdraw any winnings from bonus play. As you can see, you end up spending more before benefiting from the bonus. 

Gamblers Are Irresponsible

If you visit any land-based casino, you’ll see players puffing huge smoke clouds with others holding beer bottles. But long gone are the days when people used to consider gamblers irresponsible people and drug addicts. The fact is that even those who don’t gamble smoke and drink beer. Poker players are known to be highly successful in their respective fields. Tiger Woods is a frequent visitor at top land-based casinos in Las Vegas, even winning $1 million at some point. 

The Future of Gambling is Bleak

Never give an ear to anyone telling you that gambling has no future. Gambling has been there for as long as humanity has existed, and the activity will continue for eternity. How many online casino sites are launched daily? The United States of America, which has been blowing hot and cold about gambling, is currently experiencing widespread legal gambling. Because gambling is an essential source of revenue for governments, the activity is here to stay. 

Online Casinos Don’t Pay Out On Time

Visit online casino review platforms like Trustpilot and AskGamblers, and many players complain about delayed or non-payment of their winnings. But although some casinos are guilty as charged, players are primarily at fault. Many regulated online casino sites will only process payments after players have completed the mandatory KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Some players give fake documentation, meaning casinos withhold their payments. 

Online Slots Aren’t Any Good

There are numerous pieces of advice on slot machines having high house edges, and players cannot use strategies to lower the house edge. But if players did not love these games, they wouldn’t make more than 70% of an ‘average’ casino library. Here’s the fact; these games are easy to play, and the payouts are the highest in online gambling. Games such as Divine Fortune by NetEnt and Mega Moolah by Microgaming can make you an instant millionaire. 


Whether walking on the streets or working at the office, say no to these unfounded talks. As an experienced gambler, counter them with facts but only when necessary. After all, it’s not their time and money that you usually gamble with. Play responsibly!

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Ethan Lim

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