Top 10 UPI Online Casinos

Introduced in 2016 by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI), Unified Payments Interface (UPI) uses a mobile app to merge all banking details. It, therefore, eliminates sharing of sensitive information every time the user initiates a transaction.

With a two-factor authentication process, the real-time system allows for easier interbank transfers. Regulatory oversight of the interface is provided by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the country’s central bank.

At UPI online casinos, players only need a smart app and the casino address to deposit in a single step. This makes UPI a safe way to transfer funds between two parties without going through a bank.

Top 10 UPI Online Casinos
How to make a deposit with UPI

How to make a deposit with UPI

To play games at UPI online casinos, players need a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) that they can connect directly to their Indian bank accounts. Since UPI is an Indian-based transaction method, the primary currency is Rupee.

Still, it is possible to deposit money in other currencies, but a conversion fee will apply. To learn more about converting currencies, casino players need to check the policies specific to their banks.

With UPI, the maximum amount one can spend in an online casino is INR 1 lakh. Generally, the number of transactions per day is limited to 20. But the limits differ from bank to bank, with some well-established institutions having removed the limitations. The minimum deposit is determined by the casino. Most UPI casinos take a minimum amount ranging between ₹500 and ₹2000. A few can have lower limits.

Depositing at a UPI online casino

The process is the same across various casino sites and follows these straightforward steps.

  • Open an account with a UPI online casino

  • Go to the deposit or banking menu

  • Choose UPI

  • Log in to the iMobile interface and choose UPI

  • Click ‘pay with virtual address’

  • Enter the online casino’s VPA details and the amount to transfer

  • Enter a special PIN for verification

  • Countercheck the details and submit the details

    The deposit should be processed in 30 minutes. Once approved by the bank, the user can play their favorite casino games immediately.

How to make a deposit with UPI
How to make a withdrawal with UPI

How to make a withdrawal with UPI

Depositing with UPI is great, but being able to withdraw through the same method is even more exciting. Gamblers will agree that cashing out is just as critical as it is to put money in. Luckily, almost all online casinos accepting UPI deposits also process winning through UPI. Some platforms even accept UPI withdrawals even if they do not offer the same method for deposits.

Every online casino has unique terms and conditions for pay-outs. Some casinos charge a fee if players cash out more than a certain number of times. Others never charge for withdrawal, while others always do. The fine print provides these details. Withdrawing winnings will probably require verification of the account to ensure the funds are going to the right person.

This is a common procedure with the first pay-out. It involves confirmation of ID and proof of address. Again, online casinos issuing huge jackpot sums must double-check the user’s identity to process the payment as soon as possible. The minimum withdrawal amount is governed by the casino site just like the minimum deposit amount. Most UPI casinos have set the minimum withdrawal limit to be ₹2000.

Withdrawal process

Players who wish to withdraw via UPI must have a VPA account, which looks like an email address. This is the gateway through which users access their linked bank accounts. The best part is that a VPA can be linked to multiple bank accounts. It frees the casino player from typing long details of their banking accounts.

Here is what is needed to cash out money from a UPI casino.

  • Navigate to the cashier page and select withdrawal

  • Tick UPI from the listed methods

  • Enter virtual ID (VPA) and 11-digit IFSC code

  • Fill in the amount to cash out from the casino winnings

  • Enter a UPI PIN to validate the transaction

  • The casino will receive a message requesting to pay

  • Wait for the online casino to approve

    Withdrawal timeframes differ from one casino to the other. But once the request has been checked, the money should be available in the recipient’s bank account within three working days. Both the player and the casino get a confirmation message after a successful payout.

Some casinos might charge fees, while others will not. Gamblers should read and understand the payment policies of the respective casino to see the terms and conditions regarding UPI withdrawals.

How to make a withdrawal with UPI
Safety and security at UPI

Safety and security at UPI

According to NCPI, UPI is the safest platform for handling cashless payments. The following safety features lend support to this claim:

  • The M-PIN and mobile authentication: When registering with UPI, the user must create a secret 4 or 6-digit mobile pin known as the M-PIN for validating every transaction. Unauthorised persons cannot use the app to transfer money unless they know the PIN. Also, the initial sign-up must be backed with a mobile number to bind the UPI account. A change in this number requires another verification. In case the account owner loses their mobile phone, they should block their phone number to prevent further transactions.

  • QR code: The Quick Response code is a safety feature embedded in the system to authenticate merchants, e.g., online casinos to prevent third-party fraud. Thus, all casinos accepting UPI are UPI-certified. If the site is not authorised, the customer is notified immediately.

  • VPA: A virtual Payment Address keeps financial information safe because users don’t need to provide their bank account number and other sensitive information when transacting online. That is why UPI is considered safer and user-friendlier than credit cards and direct bank transfers.

Safety and security at UPI
How to create a UPI account

How to create a UPI account

The initial requirements are a UPI-approved bank account and a smartphone. Plus, the mobile number must be registered with the bank account. There are four steps to opening a UPI account.

  1. Download the UPI app, e.g., MobiKwik, Google Pay, PhonePe, BOB UPI, or Paytm
  2. Create an M-PIN for making and receiving payments
  3. The bank sends an OTP to the registered mobile number for confirmation
  4. Link bank account with the unique ID to set up a Virtual Payment Address

Since UPI service is requested from a bank, no further verification is needed once the account is activated. UPI requires users to register their PSP (payment service provider). Some PSPs require additional verification. For instance, the PhonePe verification with the Aadhaar card number differs from GPay and Paytm. All these systems are managed by NPCI to ensure safety. The NPCI has three ISO certifications for quality, continuity, and security management.

UPI is not only ideal for casino gambling, but also for paying utility bills and shopping. It works with all UPI support banks without a charge from the Punjab Gramin Bank, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank and more. Even though it is a fast medium of payment, it can sometimes be hampered by slow bank servers.

How to create a UPI account
Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling

Irresponsible gambling can lead someone to crippling debts, family issues, dependency, and insolvency. Responsible gaming is all about preventing these horrible problems. It also ensures that casino gambling remains an entertaining activity, rather than a source of livelihood. Here is what bettors should do to gamble more responsibly.

  • Avoid underage gaming
  • Gaming on reputable online casinos that value customers’ privacy
  • Choose secure transaction methods
  • Recognize a gambling problem and reach out to entities helping problem gamers
  • Gambling therapy
  • Self-barring
Responsible gambling