February 25, 2021

Most Uncommon and Weird Online Casino Games to Play

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Are you tired of playing standard online casino games like keno, slots or blackjack? This page has something unique for you. At a certain point in your illustrious gambling career, spinning the reels of your favorite video slot can feel boring. But that doesn’t mean you should quit playing casino games altogether. There are multiple casino games out there that you’re yet to discover. So, sit tight and familiarize yourself with unique variants to try out today.

Most Uncommon and Weird Online Casino Games to Play

Ultimate Hold’em Poker

Poker ranks among the most common online casino games ever. However, this poker variant is still relatively uncommon in some parts of Europe. In North America, though, the Ultimate Hold’em Poker is quite widespread, although not so much. It has a house edge of less than 2%.

That said, playing this game is extremely simple, especially for those who know a thing or six about Texas Hold’em rules. Cards are dealt in a similar version as Texas Hold’em. After that, there is a pre-flop wager of x4 or x3 of the original bet.

Then, there is a post-flop bet of x2 for those who haven’t raised yet. You can also decide to match your wager or fold by calling a raise. And of course, the punter’s hand can reach the dealer and win anything up to x50 of the amount wagered.

Tong Its

Tong Its or Tongits is a rare casino game that you’re likely to dig deeper to find on the online gambling scene. This 3-player rummy game became popular in the 90s in the Philippines. It’s played using the 52-card standard deck. The objective is to empty your hand or minimize the scores and the count of the unmatched cards.

During gameplay, each punter is dealt 12 cards, with the dealer getting 13. The remaining cards act as the central stack. The game starts after a dealer dumps a card, then the next player can pick it up if the card makes a set. The player should collect hand combinations and ditch unnecessary cards. That goes on until the central cards deplete, or a player wins by Tongits or calls a draw.

Rodent Roulette

Those who want a break from the typical rat race of daily troubles can seek solace by playing rodent roulette. The game offers players a unique twist from the traditional gameplay. It has many variations offered in different casinos worldwide. But perhaps the most common version is the Gerbil Roulette.

Instead of wagering on the ball that falls into slots randomly, players place a gerbil into a box on the wheel. The gerbil will eventually land on either of the multiple numbered holes. The champ is whoever has the number that the ball hides in.

Belgian Birdsong

The Belgian Birdsong is another entertaining online casino game that embraces the use of animals in its gameplay. That’s even one of the reasons why this game and the Rodent Roulette are considered weird and uncommon.

That said, the Belgian Birdsong sounds more of a song than a game. Well, that’s not far from the truth because punters will wager on the bird that sings loudest and longest. You can win money by wagering on the loudest bird, the one that sings the longest, or the bird that has both qualities. Unfortunately, finding this casino game outside Belgium can be challenging.


It’s always an excellent idea to mix things up slightly to prevent your online gambling experience from becoming stale. With the casino games above, you can refresh your gambling activities and win some money in the process. Remember, there are tens of hundreds of casino games that you probably know nothing about.

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