November 4, 2021

How Much is Enough to Play at Online Slot Machines?

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The best online slots are indeed the most popular casino games today. These games have flashy designs, straightforward gameplay, and of course, high payouts. It’s even no wonder that some of the highest-paying online jackpots are slot machines.

How Much is Enough to Play at Online Slot Machines?

However, online slots are games of chance with little or no skill needed. As a result, knowing the exact amount a player needs to be successful at a slot machine can be challenging. So, this post does the math to help come up with the perfect slot bankroll.

Game Volatility and RTP

Any experienced slot machine player will attest that it pays to learn a few things about RTP and volatility. The game volatility or variance refers to how frequent and the amount a game pays out at the best online casinos.

For example, if a slot machine is a high variance slot, the game pays out less frequently but in high amounts. However, the opposite is true about low variance slots. So, use this information to determine your playing style.

Another vital piece of data to keep in mind is the RTP (Return to Player). Basically, it’s the expected return from a slot machine and is calculated in percentages.

Usually, the average RTP rate of a slot machine is 96%. In that case, if a player bets $100 on a spin round, their expected maximum return is $96. The other 4% is the house edge.

The examples above show that an intelligent player should choose a low volatility slot with a high RTP. This lets you stretch your bankroll for a long time. Note, however, that low RTP and high variance slots can pay out life-changing sums.

Minimum/Maximum Bets

Now here is where things get a lot clearer. Most slot machines come with paytables ranging from $0.10 to $100. But it’s not uncommon to play on a machine with a $0.20 to $120 paytable. Whichever the case, it’s best to play with low stakes if you want to spend more time on the machine.

For example, a gamer plays at a slot machine with a minimum bet of $0.10 and spins 400 rounds per hour. In this instance, the average amount the player needs per hour is $40, a reasonably low amount. So, keep the stakes low and play more.

Play Speed

Do you keep track of your play speed at real-money online slots? If you do, that’s good news because calculating the average amount needed is now a breeze.

So, suppose player A makes 400 spin rounds an hour. On the other side, Player B is a lot faster and makes 600 spins an hour.

Here, the faster player spends more on the slot machine than the slower one. Therefore, track your play speed rate and use the numbers to determine the average amount you need to use.


Lastly and most importantly, your bankroll determines the amount of time you speed at the casino. Therefore, consider the bankroll size and be on the higher end of things if possible.

Assuming you conduct a thorough audit on your mobile casino account to determine the average amount you use per day on slot machines. If it’s $20, it means you need at least $600 to spin the reels every month.

The Bottom Line

All in all, it’s a bit complicated to determine the exact amount an average slot player needs to play per day, week, or even month. And, of course, bonuses and promotions don’t make things easier either.

Luckily, the tips above will help you develop a rough estimate of what you need to play without hurting your finances. But remember, these are only theoretical calculations. Things are much different on the ground.

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