Real Money Rummy Casinos Ranked and Rated 2024

Online Rummy is spreading across the internet like wildfire. The centuries-old card game is easy to learn and is packed with fun action. Thanks to Singaporean online casinos, you can now enjoy Rummy online as a nice alternative to blackjack or poker. Rummy is even available via mobile devices for a quick game on the go.

If you’d like to try this sensational online card game, read the following quick Rummy guide or pick the top online casino where you can already start practising your Rummy skills.

Real Money Rummy Casinos Ranked and Rated 2024
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What is Online Rummy?

Rummy is a basic card game which ranks cards from low to high, from 2 to Ace. Similar to blackjack, online Rummy is a game of skill, which requires an understanding of the game’s rules and significant practice to pull out the win. It takes good memory, logic, and analytics for a player to consistently beat opponents.

Rummy basic pattern is related in many ways to the tile and card games in the east, such as the Chinese game Mahjong and the Japanese game Hanafuda. In the west, it started becoming popular around the start of the 1900s, and one example of early Rummy could be the Mexican game of Conquian.

Rummy Variants

Rummy has a myriad of variations, such as 21 Rummy and Dummy Rummy. In 21 Rummy, all players receive 21 cards. During the game, each player attempts to produce at least 3 sequential card combinations.

In Dummy Rummy, all 2s are Jokers, which opens a lot of possibilities for creating combinations and sequences during the game.

In addition to Rummy variations, there are a few games like Rummy. Canasta is another draw/discard card game which uses two card decks. Like Rummy, the players create melds and combinations out of seven cards and play the hand entirely to finish the game.

How to Play the Rummy Game?

In Rummy, the card’s face value is its equivalent value during the game. For example, a 3 card has 3 points in value. Face cards, like Jack and Ace, are worth 10 points.

Online Rummy games mimic the land-based version. All remaining cards are face-down on a digital screen. Next to the face-down cards is a pile, which allows players to discard cards. These cards are face up.

When you start playing Rummy, the player to the dealer’s left picks a card from the deck remains or from the discard pile. The online game requires a player to choose a card by clicking on it.

Rules of Rummy

The rules of online Rummy are rather straightforward. In fact, you can play Rummy online for free first, using the practice mode before jumping into a real cash version. This way, you can learn the rules and jump into the Rummy game only after being confident in your skills.

Here are some of the main rules of playing Rummy you should definitely know:

  • Meld - For a player to meld a card, he must hold 3 consecutive numbered cards. For example, 3,4,5 diamond works. Players may also meld equivalent cards of the same number, such as three 6s. A Joker may also serve to help form a row if the player has a 2 and a 4 card or something similar.
  • Discard – During each turn, a player may discard any card he chooses to add to the pile. It’s one of the easiest plays of the game.
  • Laying off – Laying a card off allows the player to finish discarding a set. For instance, if the player has all four King cards, he may discard three King cards and lay off the 4th King. A player may lay off every time he has a combination of four cards.

In most variants, Rummy is played between two and four players and a standard 52-card deck. The aim of rummy is to build melds, which are a collection of sets of certain cards.

The player who is the first to get rid of all the cards receives all the points and is crowned as the winner of the Rummy game round.

Where to Play Rummy Online with Real Cash?

You can play online Rummy games at many casinos across Singapore, though we must highlight that online Rummy is definitely not as widespread as blackjack or roulette. However, all the top online casinos have some Rummy game variants and even organize elaborate Rummy tournaments for some additional fun.

If you'd like to play real money Rummy games or even participate in the biggest online Rummy tournaments, you can find the best online Rummy platforms from our comparison list right here at Online CasinoRank.

We've already done the heavy lifting for you and have scoured the internet to find the best Singaporean casinos where you can safely play online Rummy.

All you need to do is to pick out the most suitable Rummy casino, sign up, make your first deposit with suitable payment methods to access real cash games and start playing your favorite Rummy game right away.

Play Rummy Online for Free

Playing real cash Rummy games is, of course, the end goal and the most exciting scenario, but if you're a beginner and haven't played a Rummy game ever before, it doesn't make much sense to start spending your money.

That's exactly where free games come into play. Free demo Rummy game is a completely safe and secure way of practising your skills before jumping into real cash games. The Demo version works exactly the same as it would when you would be playing Rummy with actual cash.

Almost all Singaporean online casinos that feature real cash Rummy game also feature demo versions that you can safely enjoy.

The free version also means you can play online Rummy without having to deposit any money. You'll only have to deposit money to your casino account if you'd like to participate in real cash games.

How to Win at a Rummy Game?

Rummy does not require complex strategies to win, but at the same time, it’s also not entirely a luck-based game.

When you play Rummy game, there's a fair share of gaming skills involved, similar to blackjack or poker. Of course, there's always luck involved too, but if you're crafty, knowledgeable and learn the rules of online Rummy, you may be able to tilt the scales in your favour.

Here are simple, quick-to-master tips that may become helpful in online Rummy.

  • Always tread carefully with discards. Rummy players should inspect the discard section to prevent them from discarding the wrong card.
  • Remember to calculate the probabilities of acquiring ideal cards. To do this, Rummy players must always monitor both dealt and open-deck cards.
  • High-value cards can serve as efficient bait. Once an opponent picks it, another player can easily judge the sequence he/she is building. With that information, avoid discarding cards closer to the one discarded.

Rummy Payouts and House Edge

The house edge for Rummy at reputable casinos is about 3%, which leaves participants with a 97 to 98% average return to player.

If the average RTP holds, those who play well have a good chance to win real money or even quite big cash prizes, depending on the situation.

Remember, the payout percentage may depend on the specific Rummy variant as well as the chosen online casino.

Online Rummy Bonuses in Singapore

One of the best perks of signing up to play Singapore online rummy are bonuses and other exciting rewards that are granted by casinos to new Rummy players.

Many online casinos offer bonuses to their players when they play Rummy online. These vary depending on the casino, but the most popular types of bonuses are the Free Money Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses and Bumber bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are especially lucrative to new Rummy players since these welcome gifts may bring hundreds of dollars in extra bonus cash, all usable on a real cash Rummy game.

When you are a regular player, you'll most likely get to reap some loyalty rewards, too. The most common loyalty bonus involves cashback. If you should lose money in your online rummy game, the casino returns some of those losses to you, so you could continue and play Rummy games a bit more.

Compared to other casino card games, Rummy games may not have the biggest bonuses or the greatest variety, but one thing's for sure: when you sign up at any of the online casinos listed on our page, you can play exciting online Rummy games and that in itself is a big bonus.

What to Look for in a Rummy Casino?

With a huge selection of online casinos available for Singaporean players, it's easy to get confused. After all, if you'd just like to play Rummy games, you don't want to spend an endless amount of energy on figuring out the best option.

That's why Online CasinoRank has come to assist you with our in-depth list of the best Rummy casinos - you can pick the best casino for real cash Rummy games by just checking out our comparison list.

Here are some main factors we suggest everyone focus on when picking out the best casino to play Rummy at.

  • Rummy variations - The best online Rummy experience is a well-rounded one, so ideally, the casino should pack several Rummy variations, including the ultra-popular Indian Rummy, Pool Rummy, Gin Rummy and Three Card Rummy.
  • Rummy tournaments - One of the best ways to win incredible prizes when you play Indian Rummy (or any other Rummy variants) is to participate in Rummy tournaments. At these real cash tournaments, you can put your Rummy skills to the test and win cash prizes that may sometimes range up to thousands and thousands.
  • Bonus offers - On top of Rummy real cash tournaments, some of the best Rummy casinos offer regular bonus perks and promotions, including deposit bonuses. Bonuses and additional cash prizes are another great way to perk up your gaming experience.
  • Fair payment terms - Every top-notch casino should offer multiple payment options via secure payment gateways. Some of the most preferred payment methods include banking cards and bank account transfers, as well as some popular e-wallets. You'll also want to make sure the casino follows a fair play policy and has reasonable withdrawal terms.
  • Mobile support - These days, most players want to use a Rummy app instead of a desktop-based version. The best Rummy app is definitely the one that packs the greatest game variety (on top of Rummy games). However, instead of a dedicated Rummy app, you can start playing via your mobile browser - it doubles as a Rummy app but doesn't require any downloads.
  • Customer support - The best casinos should have reliable customer support that's always available and ready to assist you. We prefer casinos that come with 24/7 customer support via live chat.
  • Licensing - To get a safe and secure gaming experience, you should always use a casino that's properly licensed and absolutely legal to play in. The best casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission, both of which are regarded to as the strictest and most reliable regulators.

Top Rummy Software Providers

Real cash Rummy games can only be as good as the software provider behind it. While you may get to play Rummy at several different Singaporean online casinos, these cash games are almost always provided by the same game creators - the companies who've created the Rummy game.

Rummy games are not that notable among software creators, but currently, there are two main companies that've created the most popular Rummy table games.


When you play Rummy cash games, you're most likely dealing with the Betsoft version. This highly reputable company is known for Three Card Rummy, which runs on standard ruling and uses a 52-card deck. However, to spice things up for online Rummy players, the Betsoft Rummy features bonus bets and other great capabilities.

Betsoft is, in general, one of the most reputable game developers out there, so it's no surprise their lineup includes Rummy, too. The company is especially known for its slots and other table games, which are often found at top-ranking online casinos.


Microgaming is a company that doesn't even need a big introduction: it's one of the most notable names in the online gaming industry, being one of the oldest and biggest software creators. Almost all Singaporean online casinos feature Microgaming card games, slots and other game table options.

While Rummy isn't exactly popular among Microgaming's options, the company has created a Vegas Three Card Rummy Gold option that's available at a few online casinos.

In any case, Microgaming is the kind of company you can always trust: they have a strict fair play policy and create some of the best casino games out there.

Play Rummy Responsibly

As fun as playing Rummy can be, it's still a casino game that may become problematic. Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

When you play Rummy games and end up losing money, don't ever deposit more and hope to cover losses. Despite the Rummy card game depending largely on skills, it's still a luck-based game. Don't bankrupt your bank account, and know when to stop playing Rummy.

If you find yourself or someone around is struggling with an addiction, please reach out to GamCare.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

When was Rummy invented?

Rummy was invented around the mid-1800s, and it gained popularity at the turn of 1900.

Is playing Rummy online popular?

Rummy is one of the most popular online casino games in Singapore and can be found in many online casinos.

Where did Rummy originate?

It is unknown exactly where Rummy originated, but thanks to its similarities to many east-Asian games, the earliest version of the game is believed to be originated in Asia.

Can Rummy be played online?

Yes, several online casinos offer Rummy online game. A good tip is to check out our collection of licensed Rummy casinos and choose your favourite among those.

What are the odds in Rummy?

The odds in rummy are dependent on the dealt cards. If 11 cards are dealt, the odds are 42:1.

How to win real cash prizes in Rummy?

The main goal of Rummy is to get rid of all cards on hand. When all cards are matched, the game ends.

Can you play Rummy online & win real money?

Yes, you can absolutely win big cash prizes when you play online Rummy game. Though winning depends on your skills and a dose of luck, it's absolutely possible to win actual money.

Which online Rummy games are the best?

There are many Rummy games available at the top Singapore online casinos, but if you have a hard time figuring out the best option right off the bat, try the free practice games to figure out which Rummy version works the best for you.

How to play Rummy online?

Playing rummy online is actually easier than you thought. Check out our quick guide to Rummy rules on this page to find more information on how to play online Rummy.

How many cards do you deal in Rummy?

In a 2 person game, each player gets 10 cards. When playing with 3 or 4 players, each player gets seven cards, and when playing with 5 or 6 players, each player gets six cards.

Is Ace high or low in Rummy?

Unlike most card games, Ace in Rummy can be high or low, but not both. This purely depends on what kind of Rummy is played.

Can Rummy be played on mobile devices?

Yes, many online casinos offer the game Rummy online via mobile devices, either via dedicated Rummy apps or browser-based versions. For the best Rummy app, check out our list of mobile-compatible casinos.

How many cards do you get in Rummy 500?

Rummy 500 is played by two people, and each player gets 13 cards.

Where can I find the best online Rummy sites?

You can find the best places to play Rummy online by checking out the special comparison list here at Online CasinoRank. We've put together a list of the top Singaporean casinos where you can enjoy many cash games, including Rummy.