10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting DuitNow

In recent years, Southeast Asia has experienced a surge in internet gaming and deposit methods such as DuitNow to transfer funds easily to your account. As a result, a rising number of online casinos and sportsbooks are focusing on this new substantial market, which allows players to complete an instant transfer almost immediately.

As a consequence, it's no surprise that Asian casino players gravitate towards a variety of online banking methods. And despite DuitNow being a Malaysian online platform for gamers to pay and transfer funds, it is one of them.

However, DuitNow is available outside of Malaysia. It has also spread its impact to neighboring countries. Which ones, though? The CBM team comes in to give remedies in this situation. You should also be aware of whether DuitNow is a useful casino banking alternative, as well as where you may use it.

Stay tuned for further information, including if DuitNow transfers you to pay out rewards!

10 Top-Rated Online Casinos Accepting DuitNow
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What is DuitNow?

DuitNow is one of the various services offered by PayNet, Malaysia's national instant transfer network. Payments Network Malaysia is Malaysia's main transfer funds network and provider of financial infrastructure and services (PayNet).

PayNet offers an extensive variety of services. Some of them are DuitNow, which debuted in 2018, JomPAY, a countrywide bill payment platform, and IBG, an A2A transfer mechanism between 42 Malaysian partner banks.

You may use your mobile banking or online banking to access DuitNow, a direct real-time bank transfer service.

In addition, the company provides DuitNow QR, a popular product that complies with a countrywide QR standard developed by PayNet. DuitNow QR enables interoperability between banks and digital wallets. In other words, you may transfer and receive money from any participating bank or e-wallet using a countrywide QR code.

DuitNow Send and DuitNow QR drew attention from casino players since they provided a simple and rapid way to transfer and receive money instantly utilizing current internet banking. DuitNow online casinos began to arise about this time, offering players instant transfers for deposits and even receiving payments from the casino and other businesses. Some of the best ones may be seen on our list above.

Depositing with DuitNow at Online Casinos

You now understand how DuitNow Transfer and DuitNow QR work. Both are realistic and successful casino banking solutions for casino players and sports bettors. Can you, however, use them to deposit and withdraw money from casinos? Or just to increase your casino balance.

Let's start with how to fund your casino account at sites that accept DuitNow deposits.

  1. Before selecting your chosen DuitNow casino site, read our independent casino reviews.
  2. After signing up, go to the deposit page to make the DuitNow transfer.
  3. For bank transfers, you may use DuitNow or DuitNow QR.
  4. If you pick DuitNow, provide your bank account details as well as the deposit amount.
  5. After entering the casino's contact information on the page, complete the transaction.
  6. If the casino supports DuitNow QR, scan the code, enter the amount, and confirm your transaction.

As you can see, deposits are as easy as ABC. Can you, however, use DuitNow to distribute prizes? It may be authorized in certain casinos, but it may not be. We strongly advise you to visit the withdrawal page before making a DuitNow transfer, using your business registration number. Check to check whether you can withdraw money in the same way or if you need to find another way.

How to Make a Withdrawal with DuitNow

If the casino does not allow DuitNow withdrawals, it will provide internet banking or other local bank transfer methods. However, DuitNow withdrawals are exactly as simple as deposits at casinos that accept DuitNow to transfer money.

  1. Make sure you have enough money in your preferred account number. If you take advantage of a casino promotion deal, be sure you are satisfied with the wagering requirements.
  2. In the withdrawal section of the website, look for DuitNow Transfer.
  3. Enter the money as well as your identification and transaction details, such as your phone number, linking, NRIC, or passport number.
  4. Send the request, and then wait for the online casino to start sending money to appear in your bank or e-wallet account.

DuitNow Processing Fees & Times

The DuitNow Transfer method is free to use at casinos that allow it for both deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, DuitNow Transfer does not pass on its costs to its customers. But there's a catch.

You may send money and receive money for free if the sum does not exceed RM 5,000. A 50 cent fee will be applied to transactions that exceed this amount. It's worth noting that numerous banks are paying these costs. Nonetheless, we recommend that you contact your local one about this.

As previously stated, direct fund transfers are allowed with DuitNow. Money may be transmitted in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Many gamers utilize DuitNow to make a casino deposit and transfer funds because of its fast processing time. DuitNow deposits are credited to your casino account instantly.

In terms of withdrawals, you may have to wait a bit longer when it comes to receiving money. The casino must have enough time to assess and approve the transfer ahead of time. The banks then come into play. However, as the program's name implies, DuitNow assures you'll get your money very immediately when the casino accepts the transaction.

Top Bonuses with DuitNow

Local payment methods are currently spreading. They are convenient, accept local currency, and are accessible in a native language.

As a consequence, casino sites that target certain locations look for local banking services in order to attract more players. In addition to common payment methods, casinos offer enticing bonuses.

DuitNow allows for instant deposits. As a consequence, you will be eligible for tournaments, cashouts, free spins, welcome bonuses, and reload bonus offers. Or to join a VIP club and climb through the tiers to get even more enticing prizes. Here is our hand-picked selection of the most exciting DuitNow casino promos.

How to Choose the Right Deposit Method

Choosing the right deposit method such as DuitNow may look easy, but it can immediately change the outcome of the convenience playing at online casinos.

To this date, there still aren't many businesses on the internet that offer casino games that offer DuitNow. However, since DuitNow is a local and very well-known transaction method for Indonesian payers and iGaming friends, it's worth looking into it.

Plus, casino customers can start expecting cash bonuses at certain sites, after their successful transaction with DuitNow and after having completed the registration.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a DuitNow Account

If a DuitNow casino receives a link to a Malaysian national QR code, it will be able to accept deposits from any participating bank or virtual wallet, meaning that your DuitNow Transfer will arrive immediately after you hand over the transfer details.

But do casino players need DuitNow accounts and the recipient's account? Actually, the answer is both yes and no. Your aim will determine whether you wish to deposit or withdraw money.

1. Deposits Are Not Required to Be Registered

The only need for utilizing DuitNow is a banking account with one of the recognized banks. If you don't already have an account, go to the nearest provider in your region to fill out the paperwork. Because there are so many financial organizations on the list, your local bank is most likely one of them.

Furthermore, you are not required to be registered for the DuitNow QR service. You can pay money to the casino by scanning its QR code using your banking app's QR scanner, which then allows you to transfer funds effortlessly.

2. When You Send Money, Use the Casino's Business Registration Number

Payments may be made using a mobile number, NRIC number (national registration identity card), or passport number. To make a payment to the casino, however, you must enter the business registration number and bank account information shown at the cashier to complete the funds transfer.

3. Receiving Funds Requires a One-Time Registration

To get rewards, you must first register an ID with your bank and link it to your bank or e-money account. The DuitNow IDs that you may attach to your bank account are the NRCI number, mobile phone number, or passport number. Although you may have many IDs, only one of them may be connected to a single bank account.

Safety and Security Using DuitNow

The DuitNow ID registration and transfer funds are safeguarded by security techniques comparable to those employed by banks. To ensure the safety and security of all transfer funds, these financial ecosystems are reinforced with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated anti-fraud protocols.

Alternative Deposit Methods at Online Casinos

Perhaps you find the fact that you need to send money to a business registration number a bit too much. Maybe you'd like the funds to arrive automatically once you pay at a casino. Well, if so, then we've got some alternative fund transfer methods, which are available to casino players right now:

  • PayPal: Although this is not an Asian e-Wallet, it's the most popular one to transfer funds in online casinos. PayPal offers an instant transfer for your deposit and withdrawal, keeping all the transfer details safe at all times. You won't even have to commit any account number, since PayPal allows payers to pay right after their login and straight from the app.
  • Paysafecard: If you're looking to transfer funds directly and with full anonymity, then we suggest you check out Paysafecard. Instead of working with a link or a passport number, Paysafecard uses vouchers that allow you to immediately transfer funds to your account.
  • Bitcoin: Despite Bitcoin not being in the best shape right now, it's still a world-class deposit and withdrawal method at online casinos. However, you must be aware that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are only available to transfer funds in Curacao-licensed online casinos.
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Which countries allow the use of DuitNow in online casinos?

DuitNow is a Malaysian payment method. PayNet, DuitNow's parent company, has signed a number of agreements to ease cross-border payments. DuitNow is now accessible in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia as a consequence.

Do online casinos that use DuitNow allow withdrawals?

It differs. Some may provide options such as other bank transfer services, but others may allow cashouts via DuitNow Transfer. Before you transfer funds with your mobile number or NRIC, check the recipient's ID and the payment options page of the casino to see whether DuitNow is one of the withdrawal choices.

Is it necessary to register an account to utilize DuitNow to transfer funds?

Both yes and no. If you are just making payments, you do not need a DuitNow or DuitNow QR account. To receive money, you must first create a DuitNow ID using your bank or digital wallet.

Can a DuitNow Transfer also be done with a mobile number?

Sure! To confirm or modify any funds transfer, simply use your mobile number NRIC and send the deposit to the DuitNow ID from the casino where you decided to register an account.

Is it easy to transfer funds using the DuitNow ID?

If you've found a recipient to transfer funds, simply use the MayBank app to modify or confirm any DuitNow transfer. Honestly, this payment method is completely safe and can be used in a wide range of top-rated online casinos this year.